This Is The Secret Invitation

The most unique gift for your employees!

The secret invitation is the perfect gift: a personal, surprising and fun experience that creates an instant connection between the employees and the company, even when they are working from home!

How Does The Magic Work?

1 Your employees receive a beautifully designed digital invitation by email
 (the invitation is customized with your company logo).

2 The invitation leads them to a secret website, which they can only access using their company’s secret code.

The website contains an “Alice in Wonderland” themed game. In the game, they will solve logic puzzles & riddles which requires creativity and “out of the box” thinking. They will have to look for clues across the web (even in secret social media profiles) and they can also collaborate and brainstorm with their colleagues if needed.

3 Once they succeed in solving the game, they will arrive to a secret door where their personal invitation code must be entered.
After entering the code, they will discover their secret personal message which you have prepared in advance. This secret message can be anything you wish: a video message with a greeting “Happy New Year to all employees”, “happy birthday”, “Personal message from the CEO”, “Thank you for applying for the position”.

Alternatively, the message can also be a file or a PDF which the employees can download: a gift Voucher, an invitation for a company fun day, an RSVP for an upcoming conference or anything else you can think of.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole?